• Weekly Pajama Parties and Weekend Camp for children 2 ½ - 8 years old are popular events at the NY Kids Club. Drop your children off for two hours of enriching fun while you catch up on your to-do list or go out to dinner! In the summer, check out our drop-in classes for children 3-6 years old. [Read more]

  • Breastfeeding support meetings, seminars on tackling temper tantrums, sleep coaching, workshops on proper child nutrition - whatever is on your mind, we've got a seminar for you. Held once a month, all seminars are led by experts who provide valuable information on the chosen topic and answer all of your questions.

  • With our Summer Drop-In classes, families can sign up for classes of their choice on a day by day basis. Class offerings include: Gymnastics, Sports, Hip Hop, Famous Artists, World Art, Musical Theatre, and more! [Read more]