Parent Testimonials

The staff has consistently been incredible! Professionalism and kindness seem to be pillars of the NYKC instructors and location managers. The spirit of NYKC is warm and welcoming for both kids and adults. That is why we've been attending classes at NYKC since 2009, and we'll continue to do so. We're very grateful for the role NYKC has played in our lives, and the joy it has brought to our to sons as they grow and develop.

Nikki Chase-Levin - Upper West Side

This is our first party ad NYKC and the only "all inclusive" party that we have ever truly not had to do anything. My husband arrived ahead of us with drinks/food for the adults and by the time I arrived a few minutes later, everything had already been set up. I really didn't have to do anything other than show up, pay and leave. My husband and I actually got to visit with our friends, too. It was a wonderful experience!!

Meagan Costello - Long Island City

I especially liked the balance of classroom time & gym time for my active 3 yr old. My son, always talked about his teachers & was very comfortable with all of them.

JoAnne Neidow - 68th Street