Parent Testimonials

I love the teachers and the staff at the desk. They are extremely helpful and make me feel safe and welcome. The whole team's attitude bring fun, energy and support to my whole family. All the staff know my name and my daughter's name. They always say hi to her and give her hugs and high fives. She sees the elevator and dances in the stroller as we go up to the floor.

Kari Kim - Brooklyn Heights

Working on the NYKC Client Services Team prepares you to run your own business. From sales, to customer service, to operations, to maintenance, to management and leaderships, you learn it all in a disciplined yet nurturing environment with a team of ambitious, hardworking, growth-oriented individuals.

Park Slope Team -

All the guests LOVED the party and we received several compliments. The enthusiasm and energy level of the coaches is unmatched by other facilities and birthday party venues we have experienced. We would recommend the coordinator and the coaches to anyone.

Seema Bajaria - Battery Park