• Kids Music Classes - Spanish I

    Rooted in thematic age-appropriate lessons, this class immerses children in the Spanish language through music, story, art and play. Our enthusiastic native speaking instructors introduce a number, a letter, a shape and an animal every class. A fun thematic art project, which brings the four elements together, allows the students to continue their learning at home. Children delight in hearing classic English stories translated into Spanish, as well as children's favorites from Hispanic cultures around the world. An interactive playtime and a lively rug time filled with original NY Kids Club music and Spanish songs round out this 45 minute Spanish immersion class. This is an adult participation class; one parent or caregiver can participate with up to two children.

  • Kids Music Classes - Spanish II

    Preschoolers are immersed in the richness of the Spanish language as they participate in both translated and original Spanish children's songs, books and vocabulary-boosting projects each class. Native speaking instructors guide students through this language immersion experience with call and response techniques, visual aids, puppets and more. Students also have the opportunity to interact with props, toys and manipulatives while a low student to teacher ratio allows for a high level of child-directed learning to occur. This is an independent participation class.