• Kids Music Classes - Architects & Engineers

    Our new Architects & Engineers class is the perfect fit for your young builder/designer! Architects rely on creativity and the ability to think theoretically, while engineers use a mathematical mindset. This program introduces students to both fields through hands on, interactive projects. 

  • Kids Music Classes - Math Magic

    Math is fun! This exciting and engaging program introduces students to logic, sequencing, measurement, counting, patterns, addition, subtraction and more. An introduction and appreciation of math will instill your child with a strong foundation in the subject.
    Math Magic is aligned with NYS Learning Guidelines and Common Core.

  • Kids Music Classes - Science

    Science class provides an active and hands-on approach to exploring various branches of science through experiments that will instill a sense of excitement into our young scientists as they explore the world around them. Children can look forward to learning new concepts, vocabulary and increasing their confidence in asking questions and finding the answers through the scientific method. Each class highlights a specific branch of science and will introduce significant scientists in these fields as the children work individually, with lab partners and as a team to apply the lessons they've learned to real world problems.

  • Kids Music Classes - History Adventures

    History comes to life in this exciting new program as children travel back in time, exploring and discovering different time periods and cultures through science, art, music, theatre, dance and literary activities! From ancient Egypt to the Italian Renaissance, children will love participating in a new immersive historical adventure each week!