• NY Kids Club provides an active and hands-on approach to exploring various branches of science and mathematics. Through experiments that will instill a sense of excitement into our young scientists as they explore the world around them. Our mathematicians will focus on numbers, patterns and shapes, while balancing the creative and mathematical mindset.

  • The gymnastics program at NY Kids Club ranges from introductory classes for children as young as 2 ½ all the way up to our Gym Club and Advanced Gym Club for gymnasts up to 12 years old. Our expert coaches lead classes and practices in our state-of-the-art gyms using USA Gymnastics-certified equipment, all while following USA Gymnastics guidelines. Whether your child is just starting or already has some gymnastics experience, NY Kids Club gymnastics is an excellent option. Children 36 months and younger are invited to get their start in our adult participation Infant Milestones class through Gym Juniors classes, available in our Sports and Fitness category.

  • The NY Kids Club offers coordination & movement classes for infants and toddlers 2 months to 2 years of age which transition directly into our recreational gymnastics, sports, karate, and rock climbing programs for children 3 through 12 years old. [Read more]

  • The NY Kids Club music classes focus on establishing a lifelong love and appreciation of music in our students. Our playful, developmentally appropriate music and movement curriculum is based on the belief that all children are musical. Children will develop their language skills, coordination, and self confidence through introductions to a wide range of musical styles and instruments. [Read more]

  • Children are playing and loving chess younger than ever before through stories! There are profound benefits of chess and the effectiveness of learning through storytelling. Our approach creates a fun and interactive environment that teaches 100% of our children to play and develop a love for chess at a very young age. As a result, children play chess outside of the classroom environment, which enhances its benefits and develops their minds for greater success in all facets of life.

    Class provided by Chess at Three

  • Rooted in thematic age-appropriate lessons, this class will immerse children in the Spanish language through music, story, art and play. Our enthusiastic native speaking instructors will introduce a number, a letter, a shape and an animal every class. A fun flash card art project, which will bring the four elements together, will allow the students to continue their learning at home. Children will delight in hearing classic English stories translated into Spanish, as well as children's favorites from Hispanic cultures around the world. An interactive playtime and a lively rug time filled with original NY Kids Club music and Spanish songs will round out this 45 minute Spanish immersion class.

  • The stage offers children a great opportunity to build self-confidence and self-discipline and they will do both as they explore these classic storytelling art forms. Our instructors introduce students to a wide variety of dance & drama vocabulary and teach dance steps and technique in classes like ballet, hip-hop, and musical theatre. Students will develop physical skills such as coordination, spacial awareness and grace as instructors use props, imagery, storytelling, creative movement and costumes to encourage self expression, technique and a love and appreciation of the performing arts. This program culminates with a parent observation recital each semester. [Read more]

  • Art is a vital tool in a child’s development as it requires physical dexterity and cultivates an individual point of view. Our classes for children ages 14 months - 5 years old focus on fostering both: students will develop fine motor skills working with a wide variety of materials and explore self-expression in many different styles as they learn about techniques, movements and artists from all over the world. Whether we explore finger-painting or clay, Jackson Pollock or Annie Leibovitz, Chinese art or African art, pointillism or collage, all of our art classes promote personal expression, critique and appreciation through our enriching hands-on curriculum. [Read more]

  • Our Class Sampler was inspired by author Angela Duckworth's philosophy of "grit and the power of passion." Duckworth determined that exposing young children to a variety of subjects, provides them with an opportunity to explore and discover their unique passion. Passion provides a child with a sense of direction and purpose, ultimately instilling grit: perseverance and determination in working towards a goal. The NY Kids Club Sampler classes offer children the chance to discover their passion through a rotating thematic schedule. Before enrolling in a single-subject 17 week program, the Sampler allows your child to try a selection of classes from dance, to fine art, to engineering to karate, all within the same time period.