• Summer Day Camp
    2 ½ - 6 years
    • Logistics >

      The Logistics

      • Our summer camp is all summer long - June 6th through September 4th.

      • Enrollment is on a week-by-week basis to give you complete flexibility. There is a two-week minimum, however your weeks do not have to be consecutive.

      • Choose 2, 3 or 5 days a week from 9:00-12:00 or 9:00-2:00/3:00.

      • If your plans change, just call us 24 hours in advance and we’ll switch you to another day (subject to space availability).

    • Camp Sample Schedule >

      Summer Camp Sample Schedule

      (subject to change)

        9:00 - 9:25            Morning Gym Warm Up
        9:25 - 10:10          Gymnastics or Sports or Dance
        10:10 - 11:15        Art or Cooking or Science
        11:15 - 11:55        Art or Yoga or Martial Arts
        11:55 - 12:00        Camp Goodbye
        12:00 - 12:30        Extended Day Lunch Time
        12:30 - 1:15          Drop-In Class
        1:15 - 2:00            Drop-In Class
    • What Makes the NY Kids Club Summer Camp Different? >
      What Makes the NY Kids Club Summer Camp Different?

      We take an academic approach towards summer camp because we believe that children should continue learning all year long. Our curriculum has been designed to engage, inspire, and challenge campers socially and intellectually and physically.

      Every minute of every day is exciting and purposeful. Time is never spent watching movies, napping or in extensive periods of free time.

      Many camps have multiple activities for the children, but without a creative theme, activities can get stale quickly. Not at the NY Kids Club - every day is a new and exciting adventure!

      All activities take place in our state-of-the-art air-conditioned facility. We make the most of our time with your child, and leave playground time for you!

      Our nurturing, professional, full time teachers are your camp counselors, not high school students hired just for the summer.

      A low student/teacher ratio. 

      A customer service team committed to ensuring your satisfaction.

    Summer Day Camp

    Pack your bags, we are headed on a road trip! Our young travelers will visit the Florida everglades, explore the Golden Arches in Missouri and stop the USA's most famous landmarks. Featuring gymnastics, sports, yoga, art and theatre, our road trip is both physically and intellectually engaging. Let's start the engine!